Thursday, November 29, 2007

No More Turning! (and Cute Puppy Pics!)

Yeah! Went to my Ortho yesterday and he said no more expanding! After only 14 turns! I am so happy that my gap is a big as it's gonna get! I go back in 8 weeks...although I am not sure exactly what is happening on this appointment. I know I need to ask more questions!
Oh, and I got a copy of my diagnosis, so here it is (kinda long):

Maxillo Protrusion


Midline Off:
Upper and Lower
**madible is deviated to the right**

Minimal (not bad for a thumbsucker of 16 years)

Excessive Protrusive

Rotations - upper and lower
Crowding - upper
Spaces - lower

Left - Class I
Right - Class II

Oh, and Shontell posted some pics of her cats, so I am posting some pics of my 6 month old puppies. Two Jack Russells - Coco is on the left with spots and AJ is on the right. As you can imagine, they are full of energy! But they were so well behaved when I was recovering from my SARPE. They must have sensed that I was not my usual self.


Aimee said...

Hi Leah!
I was just wondering what you thought of Dr. Relle's bedside manner? Did you feel like you were in good hands? :)

Leah said...

Hi Aimee,

I met with Dr. Relle twice before the actual surgery.
The first time (after he wrote his letter to my Ortho) he went through everything was very informative. I didn't feel rushed...he let me ask all my questions and waited while I wrote everything down :)
The second time was the day before the surgery. he was actually a bit late for my appointment because he was consulting a new patient down the hall. I didn't mind waiting because I've been there.
Again, he went over everything.
I don't think that he is a comedian or anything like that, but i would describe him as pleasant, patient and informative.
He came to see me before i went into surgery to reassure me. He also came to see me afterwards and made sure I knew what to do when I got home.
I felt well taken care of!
Long answer I know...but I think you will like him and the rest of the staff at Kaiser was very nice too.
When do you meet him?

amycq said...

wow, i really admire you SARPE peps! I had some widening done too, but only needed it in the back so it was done all in one shot.

So how long is the 'expander' in for? I had a splint in after my surgery that covered my entire roof of my mouth for 6 weeks. I couldn't wait to get that thing out!!! :))

-it looks WICKED annoying!! (had to throw that in here!)

Leah said...

One down and one to that is.
"The Expander" is in for 4 to 6 months :( Anything in the roof of your mouth is just evil!
So when do these 2nd set of braces come off?

Shontell said...

Just 14 turns?! That's amazing! You beat out Chris with that number. WOW - I just can't get over how easy you had it!
I must say, that gap is looking fan-tab-ulous! ;) Your lucky, it's not bad at all. You'll be closed in NO TIME. Loven that top lip btw! haha Mine was pretty big too and I regret not taking as many photos.
Your poochies are ADORABLE!!! Jack Russells are good dogs. That's something how they just knew to behave themselves huh?

Well, now that all your turns are done you can look forward to closing that gap and having a fuller, toothier smile!

Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Leah,
Only 14 turns? I think I'm having some kind of retro surgery jealousy! I had to turn like 28 or more times. I just know it was about 18 long days.

Sounds like things are going well for you, and don't worry that gap will be closed up before you know it! Soon you will have your own hollywood smile!

Here's to quick closure!

Leah said...

As if this sista' needed her lips ANY fuller??!!
Haha - I just tell people I had collagen injections...they used a bit too much :)

Chris K said...

Hey Leah thanks for stoppin in! Looks like you and I are one the same kind of timeline just about. Oh and I wanted you to know that like you, even without a current girlfriend for some reason wedding pictures were a really big motivation for me to start all this. Weird hunh? Anyway welcome to the club :)

Aimee said...

Hi Leah,

Thanks for the response about Dr. Relle. I have met him already ~ just to confirm that I do need jaw surgery. He seemed nice enough. I was just wondering how he was when it came down to the surgery. He seems very down-to-earth, which is nice. How is your healing going?

Leah said...

Well this is week three and I would say the healing is going well! It's about time for a blog update :)