Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I know I have been missing in action for awhile! Well that's because NOTHING was happening (and I started a new job that is keeping me very busy). I was still checking up on all of you though :)
Today I had my first ortho appointment in 8 weeks. They put a powerchain on my bottom teeth to get those spaces closed. That's it... I asked about "THE EXPANDER" that I am STILL wearing and he said that he would take it out when my gap closes. He really wasn't kidding when he told me 4-6 months at the beginning of all this... Well I still have a gap from the SARPE, but it is considerably smaller than it was back in November. I have a wedding to go to in the Bahamas in April so I am hoping that it is closed by then!
Also, I have about 99% feeling back in my lip, teeth and gums - so that is great!
My camera is broken, but I'll borrow one and post an updated pick soon.