Monday, March 10, 2008

First Cleaning with Braces

Well...I was in at 9:30 and out by 10. As I mentioned before, I left my wires on. It went really quick, although I shouldn't be surprised...they are professionals.
The dentist came in and checked for cavities - NONE! Then he did minimal scraping. He said I am doing a good job overall of brushing and flossing - even on those back teeth :) i wondered how the polishing part would go because I still don't have 100% of the feeling back in my upper lip and there are still some odd senations from time to time. It went fine though - no discomfort. I go back in September. Ortho appointment on 3/25...Stay Tuned...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Checking In...

Nothing new to report...well one thing...That powerchain closed up the spaces in my bottom teeth in about 24 hours!
I have an ortho appt coming up on March 25th....They are putting a stronger wire on the bottom. Maybe I will have something new to report about the progress of the top teeth as well :) I have my first teeth cleaning since getting my braces on too. I thought I would have to have my wires taken off but my ortho and dentist said it's not necessary...Has anyone else had a cleaning with their wires on?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am SO Depressed...

My Patriots lost the Superbowl.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I know I have been missing in action for awhile! Well that's because NOTHING was happening (and I started a new job that is keeping me very busy). I was still checking up on all of you though :)
Today I had my first ortho appointment in 8 weeks. They put a powerchain on my bottom teeth to get those spaces closed. That's it... I asked about "THE EXPANDER" that I am STILL wearing and he said that he would take it out when my gap closes. He really wasn't kidding when he told me 4-6 months at the beginning of all this... Well I still have a gap from the SARPE, but it is considerably smaller than it was back in November. I have a wedding to go to in the Bahamas in April so I am hoping that it is closed by then!
Also, I have about 99% feeling back in my lip, teeth and gums - so that is great!
My camera is broken, but I'll borrow one and post an updated pick soon.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

3 Weeks and 1 Day Post SARPE...

Just checkin' in...(and I just realized I have on no makeup...only carmex on my lips...and why does my face look a totally different color than my neck?)
Still a lil' bit swollen and numb in places...but I am still trying to smile in this pic :) I haven't noticed any stitches dissolving either...
The one good thing is that I have been eating pretty good for the past week! Spaghetti, chicken, fish, green beans, eggplant, blueberries, bananas...the list goes on :) I was getting so tired of soups and smoothies!
Just waiting on this gap to start closing some on it's own...


Thursday, November 29, 2007

No More Turning! (and Cute Puppy Pics!)

Yeah! Went to my Ortho yesterday and he said no more expanding! After only 14 turns! I am so happy that my gap is a big as it's gonna get! I go back in 8 weeks...although I am not sure exactly what is happening on this appointment. I know I need to ask more questions!
Oh, and I got a copy of my diagnosis, so here it is (kinda long):

Maxillo Protrusion


Midline Off:
Upper and Lower
**madible is deviated to the right**

Minimal (not bad for a thumbsucker of 16 years)

Excessive Protrusive

Rotations - upper and lower
Crowding - upper
Spaces - lower

Left - Class I
Right - Class II

Oh, and Shontell posted some pics of her cats, so I am posting some pics of my 6 month old puppies. Two Jack Russells - Coco is on the left with spots and AJ is on the right. As you can imagine, they are full of energy! But they were so well behaved when I was recovering from my SARPE. They must have sensed that I was not my usual self.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lost That Love and Feeling...

Actually just the my upper lip! Somebody please tell me when it will come back???!!!
I can feel most of it...just not the corners and it is still swollen! I know people heal at different rates...but Iam just getting impatient!
Well yesterday was my first day back at work. My mouth was aching a bit by the end of it.
Tomorrow I go to my Ortho and he will check to see how my expansion is going. I think it's going pretty darn fast! So hopefully not to too much more cranking needs to happen!