Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Checking In...

Nothing new to report...well one thing...That powerchain closed up the spaces in my bottom teeth in about 24 hours!
I have an ortho appt coming up on March 25th....They are putting a stronger wire on the bottom. Maybe I will have something new to report about the progress of the top teeth as well :) I have my first teeth cleaning since getting my braces on too. I thought I would have to have my wires taken off but my ortho and dentist said it's not necessary...Has anyone else had a cleaning with their wires on?


Chris K said...

I had a cleaning awhile back and the tech left my wires on too. He was a wiz with the floss threader I tell you. The good thing you can look forward to is your top teeth will still be numb from surgery so the scraping won't hurt.

Katherine said...

How did the cleaning go? Very keen to hear your experiences with this as I'm due for one myself!

Hooray for the powerchain :)